In summary Selchem don't reproduce technology we redefine it! For companies looking for forward progression, Selchem Coatings will position your business with technology designed for tomorrow today. In respect to price there are but few who can compete despite our definitive technology edge. "Selchem, living the future today!"
German Technology   Permanent Coatings “Selchem Coatings are about re-defining coating technology, not simulating what already exists!”
We're thirty years strong and acclaimed world technology leaders. Were the only company to provide a 40-year guarantee be it, roofing, interior, exterior walling, and believe it or not bela tent riding, parapet or lateral damp. We're leaders in terms of rust converters and top coats that stop rust dead in its tracks. Selchem don't believe in producing technology that already exists but redefying it. Selchem make use of the latest in German engineered polyurethane technology, we have engineered automotive technology for the decorative home and commercial market. Motor vehicle coatings in most cases outlast the automobile. "Welcome to a road of 30 years in making such advanced technology available to you the decorative home owner. "Selchem have an impressive portfolio of some of the world top companies that utilised our technology exclusively.” Why have you never heard of us?, We've never been open to retail until now, 2020
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